We are passionate about pinball, in 2009 we started acquiring all the knowledge for design a pinball and created our pinball controller (the electronic system that manage all the devices in a pinball), after this point, we were ready to work in design a pinball and in 2012 we announced our first pinball "Captain Nemo dives again"

What we do?

Creating a pinball requires many knowledge: game programming, electronics, music, animations, playfield design, ... We are capable of managing all these skills, to get to life a pinball game.

Super Hoop

Super Hoop was commissioned by Bitronic, who build slot machines and coin-operated amusement devices. The main target of this pinball are operators, so it must require minimal maintenance, but appeal to players.

We had total creative freedom, and chose a basketball theme because it is very popular for bars and pubs.

Designing the playfield

The starting point for the design of the playfield was the hoop – it is the protagonist of the pinball and would be in the centre of the playfield. Almost immediately a third flipper was added, with a split ramp to do upper loops and a magnet which would capture the ball and do a "slam dunk" to increase the number of shots to the basket.

The upper playfield became the "paint", so we added controlled slingshots for "rebounds". They might not be obvious (traditionally slings are not controlled by the player), so we added moving hands on the top of the slings, to let the player know that he controls them.

Tokyo Perfect Drift

The creation of this pinball was a challenge, for a long time we wanted to create a pinball with no-ramps, but with modern gameplay.

Prerequisites for this game were: no-ramps, 4 flippers and japanese sci-fi. After analyzing it, we switched the theme to japanese drifting street races.

We wanted the feel of an upper playfield area, but for it to be on the same level as the rest of the game and open enough to be able to be shot in several ways.

Captain Nemo dives again

Captain Nemo was our first pinball. It was created in 2012, and it's the first pinball to integrate the main screen in the playfield; it also has a subway with a transparent insert that allows the player to see the ball go by.

It is based on the book "20000 Leagues Under the Sea" by Jules Verne, and follows the adventures of Captain nemo with his submarine "Nautilus"

The ramps were designed with stainless steel sheets, and some pinballs were plated with gold or old cooper.

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